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This menu provides quick access to this documentation, the ability to send feedback or a bug report to the authors of Paint.NET, access to various online resources, and the ability to show the About box.


Window Menu

Help Topics

This launches the help file (which you are currently reading).

Paint.NET Website

This will open the Paint.NET website,

Paint.NET Search

This brings up a search engine of the helpfile and Paint.NET websites.


This will open a web browser to a page that will let you donate to Paint.NET,


This will open a web browser to the Paint.NET forum website where there is an active user community.


This will open a web browser to the section of the Paint.NET forum that is dedicated to publishing tutorials. These tutorials run the gamut from easy to advanced, including such effects as "fiery text", exploding planets, and how to draw cartoons. The contents are constantly being added to or updated, so be sure to check back often!


This will open a web browser to the section of the Paint.NET forum that is dedicated to publishing plugins. Some examples of plugins include support for the DDS and PCX file formats, a "toon" effect, drop shadows, and a very useful and unique "conditional hue and saturation" plugin. Please note that these plugins are provided by members of the forum, and the Paint.NET team can provide no support for them.

Send feedback or bug report

This will launch your default e-mail client with a template that enables you to either send a bug report or general feedback regarding Paint.NET.

If you are sending a bug, please make sure to include the following information:

  • A step-by-step description of how to reproduce the problem, error, or crash

  • If you are reporting a crash, please include the contents of the "pdncrash.log" file which is on your desktop (if you can not find this file, then don't worry about it).

  • A brief description of your computer's specifications. This includes the CPU type and speed, amount of memory (not hard drive space), and version of Windows.


This shows some information about Paint.NET including the copyright and list of contributors.