Revision Date: 27 August 2015

Image List

The Image List is displayed in the upper area of the window, next to the Menu Bar.  A thumbnail is displayed for every image that is open, and allows for fast switching between images.

Image List Image List

To switch to an image, click on the thumbnail image. The image will be opened in the Editing Window.

Ctrl + Tab switches to the next image in the list.

Ctrl + Shift + Tab switches to the previous image.

If there isn't enough room to show thumbnails for all the open images, arrows appear at the sides of the Image List.  These arrows act as scroll buttons which move the Image List left and right.  The list can also be scrolled by placing the mouse cursor over the Image List area and use the mouse wheel.

Image List scroll buttons Image List Scroll Buttons

The downward pointing arrow at the right of the Image List opens a submenu.

Vertical Image List Button Vertical Image List Button

When clicked, this button opens a scrollable list of all the open images along with their filenames.  Clicking on an entry in this list has the same effect as clicking on a thumbnail in the Image List.

Vertical Image List Vertical Image List

Close an image by clicking on it's thumbnail then clicking on the red 'X' that appears in the upper right corner of the thumbnail.  This is a convenient shortcut for the File → Close menu command.

Another method of closing an image is to middle click anywhere on the thumbnai image in the Image List.


Close an image via the keyboard with Ctrl + W or Ctrl + F4.

Images that have unsaved changes have a tiny orange asterisk in the upper-left corner of the thumbnail image (see image above).  When attempting to close an image which has unsaved changes, a prompt will ask you to confirm the action with options to Save, Don't Save or Cancel.

Unsaved Changes Prompt Unsaved Changes Prompt