Revision Date: 11 June 2016

Layers Menu

The commands in this menu only affect the active layer, as chosen in the Layers Window.

Many of these actions have keyboard shortcuts. Some are also present as icons located at the bottom of the Layers Window.

Layers Menu
Layers Menu

For an in-depth discussion of layers and layering concepts, see the Working with Layers section.

Add New Layer Add New Layer

This adds a new, completely transparent layer to the image immediately above the active layer. The new layer will be given a generic name "Layer X" by default.  X denotes the layer number - hence it is always a unique identifier.

It is possible (and highly recommended) to change the default name to accurately reflect the contents of the layer (see Layer Properties below).

Delete Layer Delete Layer

This deletes the active layer from the image. As all images must have at least one layer, the last remaining layer cannot be deleted.

Duplicate Layer Duplicate Layer

This makes an exact copy of the active layer, including its contents, attributes and properties. The new layer will be named uniquely following the pattern described above (see Add New Layer).

Merge Layer Down Merge Layer Down

Takes the active layer and combines or merges it into the layer immediately below it in the Layers Window list.

Import From File icon Import From File

This command allows one or more external image files to be imported as one or more new layers.

When invoked, the command opens a file selector dialog to allow a file to be chosen. Once a file is selected, the image is imported into the current image as a new layer or layers.

Note that the canvas may be enlarged to accommodate new the image size if it is larger than the current canvas. This happens automatically as required.

Flip Horizontal and Flip Vertical Flip Horizontal and Flip Vertical

These commands flip the entire active layer either horizontally or vertically.

Rotate / Zoom Rotate / Zoom

This command allows the active layer to be rotated, panned and enlarged or reduced.

For an in-depth discussion of this set of tools, see the Rotate/Zoom Tool section.

Layer Properties dialog Layer Properties

This icon opens the Properties Dialog for the active layer.

In this dialog the layer name, visibility, blend mode and opacity can all be set.  The same dialog can be opened by pressing the F4 key.

Layer Properties Window
Layer Properties Window


Open the Properties Dialog for the active layer by pressing the F4 key or double-clicking on the layer name in the Layers Window.

For more information about Blend Modes, see the Blend Modes section.