Layers Menu

The commands in this menu only affect the currently active Layer, as chosen in the Layers Window. For greater discussion about layers, please visit the Working with Layers section.


Layers Menu

Add New Layer

This will add a new, transparent layer to the image.

Delete Layer

This will remove the active layer from the image. You will be asked to confirm this is what you want to do before it is deleted.

Duplicate Layer

This will make an exact copy of the active layer. All properties of the layer, along with the graphical (pixel) contents, will be duplicated. The new layer will also have the same name as the original.

Merge Layer Down

This will take the current layer and merge it into the layer that is below it.

Import From File

This allows you to select one or more images that will be imported as one or more new layers.

Flip Horizontal and Flip Vertical

These menu items allow you to flip the active layer, either horizontally or vertically.

Rotate / Zoom

This command allows you to rotate and pan in all three dimensions. For greater discussion about how to use this tool, please visit the Rotate/Zoom Tool section.

Layer Properties

This command brings up a dialog that allows you to define how the layer blends in with the layers that are beneath it in the Layers Window's list. You may specify a name, whether the layer is visible, a blend mode, and an opacity level. The opacity slider controls how transparent the layer is overall.

For greater discussion about Blend Modes, please visit the Blend Modes section.

Layer Properties

Layer Properties