Window Menu

These commands allow you to hide or show the floating utility windows, to reset them to their original locations, and to toggle their translucent effect.


Window Menu


This toggles whether the Tools Window is visible.


This toggles whether the History Window is visible.


This toggles whether the Layers Window is visible.


This toggles whether the Colors Window is visible.

Show Image List

This will display the image list drop down.

Next Image

This will switch to the image that is next in the image list.

Previous Image

This will switch to the previous image in the image list


This controls whether the four floating windows are translucent, or always opaque. This can affect performance, and is automatically disabled when running in a Remote Desktop or Terminal Services session.

Glass Dialog Buttons

This option is only available on Windows 7 or Vista when the Windows Aero theme is used. This will cause the bottom portion of many dialogs that contain buttons such as OK and Cancel to use "glass".

Reset Window Locations

If you have "lost" any of the four floating windows (Tools, History, Layers, Colors) you can use this to reset them all to their default locations.