Revision Date: 14 April 2021

Ellipse Select Tool Elliptical Select
S three times

Create elliptical or circular selections with this tool. Click, hold and drag to create a selection.

Making an elliptical selection
Making an elliptical selection

The initial click point defines one corner of the selections bounding rectangle.  When the pointer is moved, the selection is resized with the opposite corner of the bounding rectangle matching the current pointer location.


Force an elliptical selection to remain round by holding down the Shift key while the selection is being dragged out.  The Shift key forces the selection to remain circular as the size is altered.

Making a circular selection
Using Shift to force a circular selection

If the Shift key is employed, the diameter of the selection circle is defined by the initial click point and the current pointer location.

For more information on making selections, deselecting active selections and the five selection modes see the Selection Tools page.