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The installation of is automated when purchased from the Windows Store.  The installation instructions below are pertinent only to Classic which has been manually downloaded from the website.


It is strongly recommended that all the latest system updates have been installed prior to installing  To verify and install system updates, use the Windows Update tool by typing "Windows Update" into the search box in the Start Menu. is designed to be very easy to install.

Once the installer package has been downloaded from the website, open the compressed folder by double-clicking the icon.

Compressed File
Compressed File

In the window that opens, double-click the file<version>.install.exe to begin installation.

Inside Compressed Folder
Contents of Compressed File


The Windows User Account Control dialog may open asking for permission to make changes to your system.  If the verified publisher is DOTPDN LLC as shown in this screenshot, click Yes to proceed with the installation.

User Account Control

The installer will decompress the files necessary for installation.

Extracting files
Extracting the installation files

Once extraction is complete, the actual installation of the application will begin:

Install Type Select

There are two installation options; Express and Custom.

For most users, the "Express" install with default options should suffice. If a customized installation is desired (perhaps changing the default installation directory), choose the "Custom" option.

Before leaving this dialog, choose the preferred language option from the drop-down list at the foot of the dialog. Click Next to proceed.

License Agreement
License Agreement

Read the license agreement. If you agree to abide by the terms stated, select the I Agree radio button.  Proceed by clicking Next. If you do not agree to abide by the terms of the license, the installation will stop at this point.

If a Custom install was selected previously, the application will prompt you to choose some installation options and an installation directory:

Installation Options
Custom Installation Options
Installation Directory
Installation Directory

When these options have been set, clicking Next will complete the installation and optimize for your system.

Installation Progress
Optimization Progress

Note requires the .NET framework to function.  If the required .NET framework is not present on the system it will be installed automatically as part of the installation process.

When installation is complete, click Finish to exit the installer.  If the ☑ Start checkbox is checked, the application will be launched automatically.

Install Complete
Installation Complete


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