Revision Date: 14 April 2021

Paintbrush Tool Paintbrush

This is one of the primary drawing tools. As the name suggests, the Paintbrush Tool mimics a hand held paint brush. It is used to create stripes of solid or patterned color.

To draw using this tool, click and drag the mouse.  If the Left Mouse button is used, the 'paint' will be colored the Primary color.  If the Right Mouse button is used, the Secondary color will be used.

Tool Options

Paint Brush Tool Options
Paint Brush Tool Options

The Brush Width, Fill Style, Hardness and tool Blend Mode can all be configured from the Tool Bar once the Paintbrush is active.


The shape of the Paintbrush tip is always circular. The size can be modified (Brush Width in the Tool Bar), but the shape can not.

If a Fill Style is selected from the Tool Bar, both the Primary and Secondary colors will be used to create the pattern.  If the Right Mouse button is used (instead of the Left Mouse button), the roles of the Primary and Secondary colors is reversed.

Fill Styles
Fill Styles


New to the Paintbrush in is the Hardness setting.  Hardness determines how hard or soft the edge of the painted stripe will be.
A low Hardness setting will give the brush a soft edge while a high setting will make the brush hard edged.

If the Hardness setting in the Tool Bar is given a low value, the brush will have a soft edge.  If the Hardness setting is given a high value, the brush edge will be much harder and more distinct.


Hardness can be considered the strength of the antialiasing used to soften edges.  Because of this link, the Hardness setting is ignored if AntiAliasing is disabled.

The following example, the upper brush stroke was made with a low Hardness setting (10%). Note the soft appearance.  In the lower brush stroke, a high Hardness setting (90%) gives a sharper edge.

Paint Brush Hardness
Hardness Settings

The following example shows the Paintbrush being used to draw several brush strokes. Two in solid color, and two showing patterned fills.


Example 1
Paintbrush Tool - Solid colors and patterned Fill Styles.