Revision Date: 14 April 2021

Settings Dialog Settings Icon

The Settings dialog contains a number of configuration settings for as well as diagnostic tools and system information.  Open the Settings Dialog by clicking the gear icon in the upper right hand corner of the application window.

Settings User Interface icon User Interface

The first tab in the Settings Dialog contains options to configure how is presented to the user.

Settings: User Interface
Settings | User Interface


If visual artefacts appear while using, try disabling (unchecking) the Hardware Accelerated Rendering setting.

Settings Tools icon Tools

Settings: Tools
Settings | Tools

The Tools tab contains the default actions, behaviors and settings for the various tools.

Settings Updates icon Updates

Settings: Updates
Settings | Updates

The Updates tab contains controls which determine if and when checks for available updates.

Settings Diagnostics icon Diagnostics

Settings: Diagnostics
Settings | Diagnostics

The Diagnostics tab contains information about the system and the version of that is running.

The contents of this window can be copied to the clipboard for pasting into forum posts or emails to the developer. A link provides access to the system folder where crash logs are stored.

Settings Plugin Errors icon Plugin Errors

Settings: Plugin Errors
Settings | Plugin Errors

The last tab in the Settings dialog holds information about plugins that failed to load or were blocked from loading due to known compatibility issues.

The plugin filename is shown in the upper pane while details of the problem or issue are shown in the lower pane.