Revision Date: 14 April 2021

Status Bar

The Status Bar contains various items including help tips, progress bar, and information about the mouse pointer and the current image.

Status Bar
Status Bar

Help Tips / Tool Status

When a tool is selected, the left-hand side of the Status Bar will contain tips to help explain the function of the tool.  Once drawing or using the tool is initiated, the help tips can be replaced with information about the state of tool use.

Status Bar Tool Tips
Status Bar | Tool Tips

Progress Bar

When an Effect or Adjustment is underway, progress towards rendering completion will be displayed as green progress bar in the Status Bar.  The progress bar will fill from the left (0%) to the right (100%).

Status Bar Progress Bar
Status Bar | Progress Bar

Image Size / Cursor Location / Measurement Units

Status Bar Image/Cursor Size
Status Bar | Image/Cursor Size

The dimensions of the currently active image (width x height) are displayed using the currently set units of measurement. In the image above the size is 600 x 41 (pixels).

To the right of the image size, the current location of the cursor is displayed.  The location is measured from the top left corner of the image which is position (0,0). The current location of the cursor is 336, -160 (pixels).  A negative location value indicates the cursor is either above or left of the top left corner of the image.

The tool to set the measurement units (pixels, inches or centimeters) is located to the right of the cursor location. Here it shows px denoting pixels.

Status Bar Units
Status Bar | Units

Other options are inches and centimeters. These options are accessed via the little arrow icon which opens a sub menu.

Zoom Controls

At the right-hand side of the Status Bar are three controls to set view size of the image.

Status Bar Zoom Controls
Status Bar | Zoom Controls

The first zoom control is a small text box containing a percentage figure. This is the current zoom size of the image.  Click the percentage figure to activate it and a text box containing the figure will appear. Type in a new percentage setting and press Enter to commit.  In the following figure, the image is being viewed at 100% and the user is changing to 64%.

Status Bar Custom Zoom
Status Bar | Image/Cursor Size

The quick size icon Status Bar Quick Size icon toggles the image view size between 100% and maximized in the Editing Window. Click the icon to toggle between these two states.

The zoom slider is used to quickly change the view size. Click and drag the slider control to change the zoom setting.

Status Bar Zoom Slider Control
Status Bar | Zoom Controls

The actual zoom amount is displayed in the zoom text box beside the quick size icon.

Status Bar Zoom Slider Controls
Status Bar | Zoom Controls