Revision Date: 19 November 2021

System Requirements

Minimum Requirements - Classic release

Minimum Requirements - Microsoft Store release

Paint.NET runs on Microsoft .NET, which is included as part of the app. It does not need to be installed separately.

Paint.NET uses the hard drive to store temporary files related to editing history.  Actual disk space requirements will depend on the type of actions performed and the size of the image.

Multiple Cores is optimized for systems with multiple processors and/or multiple cores. Systems with multiple cores will experience higher performance than dual cores.

64-bit Support

Since version 2.6, has had full support for 64-bit processors. Benefits of 64-bit mode include better performance, and the ability to work with larger images and multiple images.  64-bit support requires that you have both a 64-bit capable processor and a 64-bit operating system installed.

No additional configuration is required to enable 64-bit mode. will automatically run in 64-bit mode as the processor and operating system allow.

ARM64 Support

ARM64 is natively supported as of version 4.3.

Hardware Acceleration

Hardware acceleration (GPU) via Direct2D is now supported. This further enhances performance on some systems.

If visual artifacts appear, disable hardware acceleration (Settings IconSettings > User Interface ).