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The official website:

This is the best place to go to download, make a donation or to read the online documentation.

Windows Store is available for purchase from the Windows Store. The Store version features automatic background updates, effortless installation onto all of your Windows devices, and improved reliability.
Get it on Windows 10 Forum

The forum: forum

The forum has many users just like you. Its a family-friendly place where users gather online to discuss related topics and to learn, teach and show off their abilities.

If you need questions answered, want to find out how to use, or are reporting bugs, the forum is the place to go. You can also find artwork, a wealth of tutorials and third-party plugins.

Registration is required to participate in the forum discussions or to ask questions. There is no charge associated with using the forum. Search search engine: Custom Search

The search will span the online resources (forum, blog, the official website and other websites) looking for the search term.


Open the custom search engine from within with the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + E. Blog

The official site for development updates and announcements:

Contact the Developer

contact [at] (English only please)

Please direct only bug reports, general feedback, and licensing / distribution questions to this e-mail address.

For "how to" questions, technical support and troubleshooting issues, please search the forum.  If your inquiry is not resolved by searching, feel free to register (there is no charge) and post your question in the appropriate section of the forum.

Privacy Information

For information on the privacy policy: Privacy Information

Custom Shapes

Information on how to install custom Shapes: BoltBait's guide installing custom Shapes

Information on how to create custom Shapes: BoltBait's guide to creating Shapes


Plugins are developed by third-party developers and released via the forum: forum | plugins.

A comprehensive list is of plugins is maintained by forum Administrator Ego Eram Reputo: forum | plugin index.

Forum Administrator BoltBait has written a comprehensive guide to installing plugins: BoltBait's guide installing Plugins

CodeLab is a plugin which creates new plugins. It is maintained and developed by forum Administrator BoltBait: CodeLab