Revision Date: 19 April 2019

paintdotnet: protocol

The paintdotnet: protocol is used to launch the app with command-line parameters (e.g. images you wish to open). This method of starting is supported by both Classic and Store versions.

Using the Protocol

To use the protocol, go to Start -> Run and type in paintdotnet:"path to file1.png" path_to_file_2.png followed by the Enter key. The app will start and open both the specified files.

If is already open, the specified images will be opened in the instance of that's already running.


If the file path or filename has spaces in it, wrap the parameter in quotes. E.g.
paintdotnet:"C:\Users\Fred\Documents\Cool Icons\RickAstley.png"
will work. Without the quotes
paintdotnet:C:\Users\Fred\Documents\Cool Icons\RickAstley.png
will not work because of the space between Cool and Icons.

Running From a Batch File

In a batch file use start paintdotnet:"%1". Where %1 is the path and filename of the image you wish to open.

To open multiple files, use multiple instances of the protocol.

                @echo off
                start paintdotnet:"C:\Users\Fred\Documents\Cool Icons\Rick.png"
                start paintdotnet:"C:\Users\Fred\Documents\Cool Icons\Astley.png"