Revision Date: 14 April 2021

Photo Tools  Color Picker Tool Clone Stamp Tool Recolor Tool

The three Photo Tools are so called because they are most commonly used when manipulating photographs.  These tools allow the user to determine the color of a pixel or area, copy regions of pixels to another location and recolor areas of similar color.

Color Picker Tool Color Picker

This tool picks up a color from the active layer and sets it as either the current Primary or Secondary color.  For more information on this tool, see the Color Picker Tool section.

Clone Stamp Tool Clone Stamp

This tool is used to copy groups of pixels within the same layer or between layers.  For more information on this tool, see the Clone Stamp Tool section.

Recoloring Tool Recolor Tool

This tool replaces one color with another. To find out how to use this tool see the Recolor Tool section.