Revision Date: 14 April 2021

Effects Menu

The Effects menu contains seven sub-menus: Artistic, Blurs, Distort, Noise, Photo, Render and Stylize.  These sub-menus contain commands which apply special effects to the active layer or selection.

Effects Menu

Note: if new effects have been installed, more submenus may be present than shown here.


In third-party effects (plugins) are presented with a jigsaw puzzle icon beside them in the menus.  This differentiates between's built in effects (no icon) and others that have been installed.

Hover over an effect in the menu to see a tool tip containing information about the effect, including the author and DLL location and filename.


The top item in the Effects menu is the last used effect if there is one. In the screenshot above Sharpen is shown. Placing the last used effect in this menu makes it easily accessed in order for the effect to be reapplied with the same settings. No configuration dialog will be shown.


Reapply the last used effect with the same parameters by using the keyboard combination Ctrl + F.


Artistic Effects
Artistic Submenu

These effects mimic the traditional drawing mediums ink, pencil, and oil.


Blur Effects
Blur Submenu

These blur or defocus the image in various ways. These effects can also be used to give the impression of movement.


Distort Effects
Distort Submenu

These effects distort, transform or convolute the image, often beyond recognition.


Noise Effects
Noise Submenu

These are used to add or remove digital "noise" from an image.


Photo Effects
Photo Submenu

These five effects are used to modify and enhance digital photographs.


Render Effects
Render Submenu

These effects create new patterns, colors and objects. They generally overwrite any data that exists within the active layer or selection.


Stylize Effects
Stylize Submenu

These produce stylized changes to an original based on edge detection. These effects can be useful for producing specialized textures for game development (e.g., bump maps).


If many plugins have been installed, menus taller than the window can be scrolled using the Mouse Wheel